Environmental Benefits


  • Improved soil fertility
  • Increasing cotton yields
  • Massive saving of precious water. This is important as cotton is a water-hungry crop, which can cause problems in areas without high natural water availability. It has a positive effect on the content of organic matter and helps to avoid soil acidification
  • It improves soil structure by increasing soil activity, thus reducing the risk of erosion
  • It promotes the development of earthworms and above ground arthropods, thus improving the growth conditions of the crop.Furthermore, organic crops profit from root symbioses and are better able to exploit the soil, and organic fields accommodate a greater variety of plants, animals and micro organisms.


  • No heavy metals like chrome, copper etc used unlike natural / vegetable dyeing
  • It is extra smooth and good for transpiration helps in recovering various diseases
  • A simple synthetic chemical dyed shirt is going to be around for next 200 years while herbal textiles promotes only natural and organic fiber fabric and herbal dyed clothing products
  • Ecoelate Highly promotes agriculture.
  • Balances the Ecology cycle completely.
  • Ecoelate products are Certified by GOTS for Dyeing, Knitting, Weaving, Stitching.

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