Herbal Dyes

“ We live naturally”

100% Organic Fabric + HERBAL DYED = 100% Organic Herbal Dyed Fabric.

Herbal Dyeing = Dyeing technique where in only 100% Bio degradable herb, plant minerals, fruits, vegetables etc are used to dye & print fabrics.

We process natural textiles with natural resources only. (medically rich Herbs, Plants, minerals etc)

The major 7 processes in textile processing that are known to use only low impact & hazardous chemicals (app. 8000 chemicals are known to be in use) are now being introduced to a revolutionary method of using only natural ingredients

Like: sea-salts, oils, medicinal plants, manure ets

We complete the Ecological Cycle.


Why our personal contribution to the natural process of dyeing is unique and innovative? We have tried to explain in following points:

We are convinces that this is breakthrough in the textile industry and one of great pride for India too, considering the amount of toxic waste that is generated in just one process house.

Conventional DyingECO – Friendly DyingAura Herbal Dying
Developed about 80 years backDeveloped hardly 15 Years BackThe lost treasure of Indian Heritage dating back approximately 4000 years is being rediscovered
Heavy environmental pollution as 8000 chemicals are involvedEven though pollution is under check, 8000 chemicals are involvedNo pollution is involved as colors are directly derived from Medicinally rich herbs, flowers, stems, roots, etc.
Mostly allergic, pro-microbial inflammatory and bad transpiratorsCould be allergic, pro-microbial inflammatory and bad transpirators Thus cold low impact dyeing.Herbs used are known to cure allergies having anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties, also enhance body transpiration
42 cancer producing chemicals listed could be presentSo far only 22 banned amines are eliminated, which are cancerous in nature (AZO FREE)No cancerous amines present.
The fabric used may be synthetic or naturalThe fabric used may be synthetic or naturalThe process is only possible on natural fabrics e.g. silk, cotton, wool, etc.
A Chlorine bleach is usedChlorine Bleach is totally banned.Only Natural Bleaching is done
Could be Inorganic MatterCould be Inorganic MatterHerbal dyed Organic Matter
Mostly non biodegradable detergents usedMostly degradable detergents usedBio-detergent/Natural detergent in use.
Weakens Textile fiber due to the Strong Chemicals involvedWeakens Textile fiber due to the Chemicals involvedStrengthens textile fiber, lasts longer
It does not serve the purpose of going organic because even if textile is organic, lots of lethal chemicals are used for dyeing.Incomplete even if combined with organic textile because some of the stages where chemicals are usedOrganic textile + herbal dyeing completes the ecological cycle.
No scope only possibility if changes the systemLess opportunityImmense scope of earning carbon credit through CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM SCHEME (CDM)


Conditions apply.

No medicinal claims acclaimed.

We can with all modesty say that in this process

  • Waste can be used as MANURE
  • Made Bulk production a possibility through innovative technique
  • Capacity of dyeing evenly in length of over 1000 mtrs of same shade through innovative controlled machine replacing the requirement of Sun, running water etc which is a must in any such natural process.
  • Repetition / standardization of shades
  • Versatility in process. Ability to dye on yarns, towels, knits. Fashion fabrics like voile, silk etc. Home furnishing like Jute etc
  • No heavy metals like chrome, copper etc used unlike natural / vegetable dyeing
  • It is extra smooth and good for transpiration helps in recovering various diseases.
  • The colors are unique and cannot be duplicated with any dyes, thus new shades
  • A simple synthetic chemical dyed shirt is going to be around for next 200 years while herbal textiles promotes only natural & herbal dyed organic fiber fabric.
  • Highly promotes agriculture
  • Balances the Ecology cycle completely
  • Certified by GOTS for knitting, Dyeing, Washing and, Stitching

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